Terms & Policies

The function of the Trust will be independent, self-autonomous and will abide under the Acts, Rules of Indian Trust Act. The benefits of the Trust are open to ail, irrespective of Caste, Religion, Sex, Creed, Color etc.,


    a) The Trust shall Establish farms, nurseries and gardens to Research, Development and Protection of various rare species of hereditary Plants, Seeds, Crops & Herbals.
    b) The Trust shall establish and run Gurukulam, Ashram & Yoga Centre to Promote the Inner spiritual wealth of Common people and Students /Youths by Conducting Meditations & Yoga classes and to spreadout the teachings of all Indian Siddhars.
    c) The Trust shall establish and run research centers in siddha & herbal science to protect and easy availability of our heritage siddha and ayurveda medicinal science.
    d) The Trust shall establish and run training centers for hereditary martial arts like silambam, varmam, kalari, etc.,
    e) The Trust shall establish, maintain training institutions for handicrafts, cottage industries, fine arts & crafts, Shilpakala, kalakendras, and similar institutions to foster, encourage, educate and to train the general public in arts, music and culture to bring back our heritage Indian culture.
    f) The Trust shall engage temple renovation activities, build new temples, temple cleaning programs with the support of Hindu Endowment board officials in case of private temples on the request of the trustees.
    g) The Trust may also construct and run worship centers, prayer houses in one or more places for the spiritual development and bring inner peace of the common public.
    h) The Trust may also conduct spiritual counseling center’s for the public to come out from their physical, psychological and family problems.

The Trust shall conduct activities like Free Water Stalls, Free Food Stalls, providing manpower to regulate the crowd and for annadhanams during important festivals and devotional programs. Also in natural calamity emergencies like flood, Tsunami, Earthquake, etc.,

    a) The Trust may Conduct Awareness programmers about the importance of Health, Environment, Sanitation and about how-to live-in Co-ordination with Nature and living without damaging the Nature among the rural and urban people & Students/ youths.
    b) The Trust shall conduct programs to Make them Self-reliant and Generate Social Awareness so that the people can know the social morals like Sharing mentality, Team Spirit, Honesty, Co-operation and Co-sharing open mildness, Secularism, Socialism etc.,
    c) The Trust shall conduct Period Lectures, Meetings, Conferences, Camps, Seminars and surveys on matters of Health, Agriculture, Education, Water Saving, Sanitation, Afforestation, Environment, Ecology, Animal Husbandry and Climate Change.
    a) The Trust shall conduct various programs for the agricultural development programs for the upliftment of farmers. Protection & Recreation of our country’s hereditary seeds, crops and heeds and educate and giving training to the formers/ youths to grow these crops.
    b) The Trust shall function to create awareness on Water Management, Rain water harvesting and application of modern agricultural techniques and agricultural instruments with the support of agricultural departments
    c) The Trust may also build check dams to preserve ground water resources with the support of agricultural departments/ Government.
    d) The Trust may also form farmers club and guide them to achieve good results in agricultural yield and marketing with the guidance of various agricultural and horticultural departments.
    e) The trust shall encourage and develop the concept of organic farming and natural forming in agriculture and allied farming activities.
    a) The trust may also run Educational, Technical and Cultural spiritual Training or institutions like Schools, Polytechnics, Paramedical Institutes/ College, Tuition, Training & Coaching Centers for the rural, urban youths.
    a) The Trust shall conduct different Government/Non-Government
    approved and aided, Technical and Non-technical Short term/Long term programs both for men and women.
    b) The Trust shall start Institutions to provide Job oriented self-employment programs to common men and women.
    c) The Trust may also run Student counseling academies to select institutions for their higher education and provide information about employment opportunities in and abroad having tie-ups with various private agencies and companies in and abroad.
    a) The Trust shall conduct Awareness programmers to create awareness about Global Warming, Ground Water Protection, Rain Water harvest and Climate Change.
    b) The Trust shall Conduct Plastic Eradication Programmers to save the The Trust shall conduct tree plantation programs engaging its volunteers and student wings to promote afforestation.
    c) The Trust shall conduct programs to create awareness about the Usage of non-conventional energy sources.
    d) The Trust may also conduct various pollution control programs to save the environment.
    a) The trust may also run homes for mentally ill women, children and for aged, abandoned, destitute and handicapped.
    b) The trust shall provide training, employment to the residents of its homes to make them engaged with earnings.
    c) The Trust may run Hostels, Creches, Stay Homes and Residential Schools.
    a) The Trust Shall Conduct Legal Camps and counselling camps for the common public and poor to gain their legal rights
    a) The Trust Shall Conduct Eye Camps, Health camps, legal camps, and other awareness and vacation camps to common public.
    b) The Trust May conduct Blood Donations, eye donation camps
    c) The trust may also conduct various programs to control diseases like HIV HEPATITS, CANCER
    a) The Trust Shall Implement Social welfare schemes with the help of central and state government social welfare Departments for the rural government
    b) The trust shall arrange pure drinking water, Drainage Road, street light and sanitation Facilities in rural and urban areas and to the construct common usage Buildings and needed Construction work by getting aid from state/central government Departments and other Funding Agencies
    c) The Trust Shall motivate the rural Community to firm co operative Societies Women Association youth Association and Farmers Club to improve their standard of living
    c) The Trust Shall Function to eliminate Fear From the minds of the rural poor and to install Confidence amongst and to develop leadership qualities among the rural youths and general public
    d) The trust shall function to mobiles and organize the rural poor and generate awareness through development process in the Field education Socio – Economic legal Aid Health Care Awareness Self Employment Scheme with view to make Communities to stand on their own feet
    e) The Trust shall Function to create more Knowledge about Various Schemes of the State and Central Governments For economic and social upliftment of the poor like IRDP, DWCRA and also disseminate information about social forestry Scheme etc.
    f) The Trust Shall train the Community in leadership and make them to utilize the local resources available Socially and guide to start their own home Industry.