Yoga Training

 1) Yoga Foundation Course

( Yoga Foundation Course, in this Couse candidates should learn complete basics of Yoga Practice which covers yogasanas, Diets, Fitness & self relaxation techniques, candidates should get certificate from Garuda Siddhar Ashram)

 2) Yoga Volunteer Course 

(YVC is a certificate Course organised from yCB, Yoga certification Board, Sponsored by Ayush ministry , after this Couse candidates can teach Yoga in Parks, schools , gym etc, No exam for this Course )

 3) Yoga Protocol Instructor Training 

( YPI – it’s a Yoga Professional couse Training given by bhoomika nest and it’s exam conducted by YCB exam Board, exams available in both online & offline mode, after this certification one can Teach Yoga protocol any where in India & abroad )

 4) Yoga Wellness Instructor Training 

( YWI – Yoga Wellness Instructor is an advance Yoga training provided by bhoomika nest, after Training candidates will take exam from YCB )

5) Yoga Teacher & Evaluator Training 

( YT & E – after successful completion of this training & exam with YCB, candidates can become Yoga teacher in school s & colleges )

 6) Yoga Master Training 

( Yoga Master is a higher level of Yoga Training which includes higher conscious of yoga Theory subjects & Practical Demonstration followed by YCB exam. )

7) Yoga Assistant Therapist  Training  

( It’s a Therapeutic course not only includes Yoga class but also covers all Therapy classes to cure all health issues, followed by YCB exam )

 8) Yoga Therapist Training  

( it’s complete Therapist Couse, after this couse candidates can easily handle to cure almost all health issues, and this certificate couse is also helpful to get job at hospitals, therapy centres etc,. )