About Ashram

Sri Garuda Siddhar Gurukula  Ashram is Parenting by  “Sri Garuda Siddhar Spiritual  Development Trust “ and Sri Balakrishna Siddhar is the Founder / Chairman of the Trust run by Group of Dedicated Trusties.

“SRI GARUDA  SIDDHAR SPIRITUAL  DEVELOPMENT  TRUST” function as a Voluntary Organization with a Pubic  Charitable Nature and mainly function for the Research, Development and Protection of Hereditary Herbs, Agri Seeds & Crops , Animals ,Spiritual Science ,Yoga, Meditation , Pranayama ,Martial Arts like Silambam ,Sword , Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicine Science. To establish new health organization , to fulfill the resolution of making a new world order free from disease and harmful medicines, through research work on the knowledge-base of our great saints and sages viz.all Indian 18 Siddhas specially  Maharishi Agathiyar , Patanjali, Dhanvanthari, Sri  Bhogar and Garuda Siddhar.

The following are the main objectives of the  Ashram:-

  1. The Ashram shall establish Farms, Nurseries ,Gardens to Research ,Development & Protection of various rare Species & Hereditary plants , Seeds , Crops & Herbals.
  2. The Ashram shall establish and run Gurukulam ,Ashram &Yoga center to prompt the inner Spiritual  wealth of common people &students /  youths by conducting meditation & yoga classes to speedboat  the Teachings & all Indian Siddhars.
  3. The Trust shall establish and run research centers in siddha & herbal  science to protect and easy  availability of our heritage siddha and ayrveda medicinal science.
  4. The Trust shall establish and run training centers for hereditary martial arts like silambam, varmam ,kalari, etc…
  5. The trust shall establish, maintain, training institutions for handcraft, cottage industries, fine arts & crafts ,shilpakala ,kalakendras, and similar institution to foster, encourage, educate and to train the general pubic in arts, music and culture to bring out heritage Indian culture.
  6. The Trust shall engage temple renovotional activities , build new temples cleaning programs with the support of Hindu Endowment board  officials in case of private temples on the request of the trusties.
  7. The Trust may also construct and run worship centers, prayer houses in one or more places for the spiritual development and bring inner of the common public.
  8. The trust may also conduct spiritual consiulting centers for the public to come out of form their physical,psycholodical and familyproblems.
  9. The Trust shull conduct activities like Free Water Stalls ,Free Food Stalls, providing manpower to regulate the crowed and for annadhamas during important festivals , and devotional programs .Also in natural climates emergencies like flood , Tsunami ,earthquake ,etc.,

Along with above objectives  ,The Ashram also perform its service in:-

  1. Public Awareness Programs
  2. Agriculturing Developments
  3. Educational Development
  4. Employment Development
  5. Environmental Programs
  6. Medical /Health campus
  7. Rural Development
  8. Solid Development